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Welcome to Van Mildert's News Room

Welcome to the Van Mildert News Centre

Beat The Traffic Jams With AeroMobil

Get ahead - and above- of the rush hour traffic jams with AeroMobil, the plane-car hybrid that has been 20 years in the making.

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Samuel L Jackson Tells Us Why To Register For Movember

Let Samuel L Jackson tell you why you need to sign up for Movember 2014 and why it is more than just a moustache.

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The 1 Minute Breakfast Sandwich

Sometimes all you have is a minute. You might have woken up late and need to rush out the door but have no time to read the paper, drink a coffee and devour some porridge. This quick-fire method will ensure you waste no time in knocking up a breakfast bun while gathering your essentials for the day ahead.

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Photography: Through The Ground Glass

Van Mildert's very own photography guru James Donelly talks us through 'Through the Ground Glass'; a short film about Washing-based photographer Joe Freeman and his archaic-yet-charming techniques. Watch the video and find our more with VM Life.

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Ferrari California T Gets A Highspeed UV Paint Job

Swiss artist Fabian Oefner has given the Ferrari California T a one-off UV paint job. Watch him at work on VM Life.

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Michael Kors Handbags: Old, New and Upgraded

We’re always eager to update you on the latest Michael Kors arrivals, and here we are taking a peek into styles old, new and upgraded with their latest handbag range.

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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Announce Tour & New Album

Noel Gallagher has finally announced details of album number two for his High Flying Birds. Find out all the details and listen to the new single with VM Life.

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Watch Danny MacAskill's Death Defying Ride Along Scotland's Cuillin Ridgeline

Red Bull rider Danny MacAskill has become an internet sensation with his insane mountain biking videos. Here he goes to all new levels as he tackles Isle of Skye's Cuillin Ridgeline.

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SNAP! 6 – Make iPhone 6 Photography Easy

Presented and marketed via Kickstarter, SNAP! 6 is in iPhone 6 case with a shutter button and interchangeable lenses that make photography easy, fun and professional.

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Bloc Party’s Kele Streams New Solo Album

Bloc Party's Kele Okereke is streaming his second solo album, Trick, online ahead of its release. Find out more and how you can listen with VM Life.

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